Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birthdays: Four Alarm

The traditional birthday card gets kicked up with four alarm flair: black linen stock; layered full-color, high gloss pictures; and recipient’s name printed on the front for a true custom look and feel.


Inside text can be left as-is or changed to include inside jokes, special age milestones or any desired wording.


Full-color, hand-made envelopes are printed with sender and recipient name/addresses for maximum impact right from the mailbox. Envelope also available with a large, single name printed in the center for in-person giving.


Option A: $10.00 (+tax, $2 shipping)

Card & envelope mailed to sender

$10 + tax and $2 shipping charge

Option B)

Card stamped and mailed directly to recipient

$11.00 + tax

(Photos of the completed project are emailed to the sender.)

To order:


Corporate: Clearfield City

Better than a generic welcome letter on bland letterhead, Clearfield City used recognizable landmarks and individualized greetings to welcome new Planning & Zoning commissioners.


Oversized, glossy postcards made a “wow” impression straight from the mailbox.  The result was a heart-felt, high-impact, completely personalized message that still kept down costs.


It’s saying

Thanks for your willingness to serve in our community

like you mean it.